Here is a listing of some of the herbs we offer & the size container they come in. Most herbs in 3" & 4" are $4.99. Some herbs as the season goes along will be in a bigger size.

basil aristotle
basil british
basil cardnial
basil custom blend
basil dolce everleaf
basil dolce fresca
basil dolce vita
basil everleaf emerald towers
basil greek columnar
basil greek yevani
basil mini windowbox
basil napoletano
basil newton
basil red freddy
basil thai
basil try basil
Basil, Everleaf Emerald Towers 
Basil, Purple Ball 
borage blue
borage white
chives garlic
chives onion
chives schoenoprasum
chives staro
cilantro confetti
cilantro long standing
cilantro sabor
cilantro selection
dill bouquet
dill fernleaf
dill mammoth
dill tetra
fennel antares
fennel florence
Lavandula angustifolia, Munstead ApeX 
Lavandula stoechas, Bandera Mix 
lavender hyssop
lavender spanish eyes
Lavandula BlueSpear
Lavandula stoechasBandera Purple
Lavandulaintermedia PHEN
lemon balm
lemon grass
Mentha Chocolate
Mentha Ginger
Mentha Mojito
Mentha Spearmint
Mentha Suaveolens Pineapple Mint
Oregano Greek
Oregano Italian
oregeno hot/spicy
oregeno regular
parsley curled
Parsley, Dark Green Italian 
rosemary 1 gallon $10.99
rosemary arp
rosemary barbeque
rosemary huntington
rosemary spice island
sage officinalis sp
Salvia Officinalis Tricolor Sage
Thyme English
Thyme Golden Lemon
thyme orange