Below Is a listing of our Seeds. Note if you Need more info on the seeds our brands are from Botanical Interests & Livingston Seeds. All seeds are Non GMO and if ORG is listed after them they are organic. 
Potatoes $1.00 per LB Norland Red, White Kenebec, Yukon Gold, Russet
Onions $2.29 per LB Red, Yellow White can be sold by 1/2 LB
Arugula Rocket Salad Org$1.99
Arugula Rocket $1.79
Bean Bush (green) Blue Lake 274$1.99
Bean Bush (green) Blue Lake 274 Org$2.69
Bean Bush Blue Lake $1.89
Bean Bush (green) Contender Org$2.69
Bean Bush (yellow) Eureka Gold$1.99
Bean Bush (yellow) Gold Rush Org$2.69
Bean Bush French Filet$1.99
Bean Bush French Tavera Org$2.69
Bean Bush Burpees Stringless $1.89
Bean Bush Earliserve $1.89
Bean Bush Roma $1.89
Bean Bush Royal Burgundy $1.89
Bean Bush Tenderette $1.89
Bean Bush Topcrop $1.89
Bean Pole Blue Lake Stringless $1.89
Bean Pole Blue Lake FM-1K Org$2.69
Bean Pole blue lake Org $2.99
Bean Pole Kentucky Wonder$2.29
Beet Early Wonder Org$1.99
Beet Early Wonder $1.99
Beet Detroit Dark Red Org $2.99
Beet Detroit Dark Red $1.79
Beet touchstone gold org $3.49 sold out
Bok Choy Tatsoi Rosette$1.79
Broccoli Green Sprouting Org $2.99
Broccoli Belstar Hybrid Org$3.49
Brussels Sprouts Long Island Improved $1.79
Cabbage Napa One kilo hybrid$2.49
Cabbage Copenhagen $1.79
Cabbage Red Acre Org $1.99
Carrot Atomic red $2.49
Carrot Calliope Blend$2.49
Carrot Carnival Blend Org$2.69
Carrot Cosmic Purple$2.49
Carrot Danvers Half Long $1.89
Carrot Danvers Org $2.99
Carrot Danvers Org$1.99
Carrot Imperator $1.89
Carrot LIttle Finger $1.79
Carrot Little Finger Org$1.99
Carrot Red Cored Chantenay$1.79 sold out
Carrot Nantes $1.89
Carrot Scarlet Nantes Org$1.99 sold out
Carrot Sow Easy Danvers $2.69
Carrot Sow Easy Color Mix $2.69
Carrot Shin Kuroda $1.79
Cauliflower Snowball Y Org$1.99
Corn Swt (yellow) Buttergold$2.49 sold out
Corn Swt Sugarbaby (bicolor) $2.49 sold out
Corn Swt (yellow) True Gold Org$2.99 
Corn Double Sweet $1.79
Corn Early Sunglow $1.89
Corn Peaches & Cream $2.49
Cucumber Organic Muncher $2.99
Cucumber Gherkin Org $2.69
Cucumber English Telegraph$2.69
Cucumber Poinsett 76$1.89
Cucumber Boston Pickling $1.89
Cucumber Burpless Bush $2.49
Cucumber Green Dragon Burpless $1.99
Cucumber Homemade Pickles $1.89
Cucumber Spacemaster Bush $1.89
Cucumber Straight Eight $1.89
Cucumber Straight Eight Org$2.29
Cucumber Heirloom Marketmore $1.99
Kale Siberian Improved $1.89
Kale Dwarf Blue Curled Org$2.29 sold out
Kale Italian Nero Toscana Org$1.99
Kale Premier Blend$1.89
Kohlrabi Early white vienna $1.89
Kohlrabi Purple & White Vienna $1.79
Kohlrabi Purple Vienna Org $1.99
Lettuce Buttercrunch Organic $2.99
Lettuce Gourmet Blend $2.99
Lettuce Butterhead Buttrcrunch Org$2.29
Lettuce Buttercrunch $1.89
Lettuce Butterhead Tom Thumb$1.79
Lettuce Prizehead $2.49
Lettuce Leaf New Red Fire Org $2.99 sold out
Lettuce Leaf Red Sails Org$2.29 sold out
Lettuce Leaf Salad Bowl Blend Org$2.29
Lettuce Mesclun Chef's Medley Org$2.49 sold out
Lettuce Mesclun Farmer's Market$1.89
Lettuce Baby Romaine $1.89 sold out
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson $1.99
Lettuce Simpson Elite $1.89
Lettuce Romain Little Gem Org 42.29
Lettuce Romaine Parris Island Org$1.99 sold out
Melon Ha Ogen Org $2.49
Melon Papaya Dew $3.89
Melon Minnesota Midget Org$2.69
Okra Clemson Spineless 80$1.79 sold out
Onions Evergreen Bunching $1.79
Pea Green Arrow $1.79
Pea Little Marvel $1.89
Pea Sugar Daddy $1.89
Pea Snap Cascadia$1.99 sold out
Pea Snap Sugar Snap Org$2.49
Pea Snap Tendersweet$1.99
Pea Heirloom Early Frosty $1.99
Pea Oregon Sugar Pod Org $2.99
Pumpkin French Cinderella$2.99
Pumpkin Atlantic Giant $3.49
Pumpkin Jack Be Little$1.99
Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern$1.89
Pumpkin Little October$3.49
Pumpkin Howden $2.99
Pumpkin Lumina (White)$3.49
Radicchio Palla Rossa Org $2.29
Radish Daikon (White) Org$1.99
Radish Heirloom Champion $1.99
Radish French Breakfast Org$1.99
Radish Cherry belle $1.89
Radish Crimson Giant $1.89
Radish Easter Egg Blend $1.99
Radish Rudolf Org $2.29
Radish early Scarlet Globe $1.89
Radish French Breakfast $1.79
Radish Sparkler White tip $1.89
Radish Watermelon $1.79
Radish Cherry Belle Org $2.99
Rutabaga American Purple Top $1.89
Spinach Bloomsdale Org$2.49
Spinach Bloomsdale $1.89
Squash Summer Crookneck early $1.89
Squash Zucchini Bush $2.49
Squash Zucchini Golden $1.89
Squash Heirloom Zucchini Black Beauty $1.99
Squash Spaghetti $1.89
Squash Summer Cube Butter $2.99 sold out
Squash Winter blue hubbard $1.99
Squash Winter Acorn Sweet REBA Org$2.69 sold out
Squash Winter Honeynut Org$2.99 sold out
Swiss Chard ruby red $2.29 sold out
Swiss Chard Bright Lights $1.89
Swiss Chard Five Color Org$2.69 sold out
Watermelon Crimson Sweet Org$2.29
Basil Blend Viva La Dolce Vita Org$2.49
Basil Cardinal Org $2.49
Basil Italian Genovese Org$1.99
Basil Lettuce Leaf$1.89
Basil sweet $1.79
Basil Organic large leaf $2.99
Borage Org$2.49 sold out
Cat Grass Mix Org$1.99
Catnip Org$2.49
Cilantro Org $2.99
Cilantro $1.99
Cilantro / Coriander Org$1.99
Dill Mammoth Org $2.99
Dill Bouquet Org$1.99
Dill Mammoth $1.99
Dill Tetra$1.89 sold out
Lavender Vera $2.49
Oregano Common Org$2.29 sold out
Parsley Flat Leaf Org$1.99 sold out
Parsley Moss Curled Org$1.99
Sage Broadleaf Org$2.49
Thyme English Org$2.29 sold out
African daisy  cape marigold $1.79
Alyssum sweet alure pastel mix$1.99
Bachelor Button Blue Boy$1.79
Bachelor Button Tall Blend$1.79
Black eye Susan $1.79
Butterfly Flower Milkweed Org$2.49
Butterfly Flower irritable blend$2.29
Calendula Pacific Beauty Blend $1.89
Celosia Chief Red Flame$1.79
Climbing Plant Mix $1.99 sold out
Cleome Fountain Blend ORG $2.29
Columbine McKana Giants blend$1.89
Cosmos sensation blend$1.79
Delphinium Butterfly Blend$1.99
Delphinium Pacific Giant Bend $1.99
Flax Blue $2.49
Flower Mix Bring Home Butterfly$2.69 sold out
Flower Mix Hummingbird Haven$2.69 sold out
Flower Mix Made in the Shade$2.69 sold out
Flower Mix Precious Pollinators$2.69 sold out
Flower Mix Wildflower Perennial $2.49 sold out
Flower Mix Premium Mix $2.49
Forget me not $1.99
Foxglove $1.79
Grass Bunny Tails $1.99
Hollyhock Chater's Double$1.89
Hyssop True Org$1.99 sold out
Lupine Russell's Prize Mix $1.99
Marigold African Kilimanjaro white $2.69 sold out
Morning glory chocolate $3.49
Morning Glory Grandpa Otts$1.89
Morning Glory Heavenly Blue$1.79
Morning Glory Sunrise Blend$1.99
Nasturtium Alska Dwarf $1.89
Nasturtium gleam mix $2.49 
Nasturtium Alaska Variegated$1.89
Nasturtium Black Velvet$2.69
Nasturtium Fiesta Blend Org$2.49 sold out
Nasturtium Mahogany$2.49 sold out
Nasturtium Peach Melba$1.99
Pansy swiss giants blend$1.99
Poppy california orange $1.99
Poppy iceland blend $1.99
Poppy Lauren's Grape Org$2.29
Poppy Peony Double Blend$1.79
Salpiglossis Superbissima Blend$1.89
Salvia blue victory $1.89
Shasta Daisy Alaska$1.79
snapdragon magic carpet blend $1.79
Statice Russian$1.80
Stock Column Blend$1.89
Strawflower Giant Swiss Blend$1.79
Sunflower Heirloom Beauties Org$2.29
Sunflower Mexican Torch Org$1.99
Sunflower Mammoth Russian $2.49
Sunflower Ruby Eclipse $2.49
Sunflower Solar Power $1.99
Sunflower Summertime mix $1.89
Sweet Pea Perennial $1.99
Sweet William double blend $1.89
Zinnia Cut & Come Again $2.49
Zinnia Giant Dbl Scarlet Flame $1.99
Zinnia Fireball Blend$1.89
Zinnia Giant Dbl Purple $2.49
Zinnia Northern Lights Blend$1.89
Zinnia Thumbelina$1.89