Vegetables & Fruit
Below is a listing of some varieties that we carry and the usual pack size they are in. Note some might be available in a single size. 

Pepper better belle 4pk, 3" 65 days green bell 
Pepper north star 4pk 60 days green bell 
Pepper King Arthur 4pk 75 days green/red high yield
Pepper gourmet orange 4pk 3" 78 days orange bell 
Pepper California golden calwonder 4pk 72 days yellow bell 
Pepper king of the north red 4pk 60 days red bell 
Pepper mini belle mix 4pk 70 days 2 1/2" fruit mix 
Pepper sweet banana 4pk, 3" 66 days yellow, non bell sweet
Pepper corno di toro 3" 72 days heirloom non bell roasting   
Pepper jalapeño fooled you 3" 65 days jalapeño with no heat 
Pepper encore 70 days 4pk 6" blocky green bell
Pepper Paprika 72 days 3" used for drying

tangerine dream 3", 70 days 3” red/orange sweet crisp Chili hint of heat
madhatter 3" 65 days- Fruit looks like a hat. sweet w touch of heat 
desperado anaheim 3" 77 days. mild flavor. red 
patio fire 3" 61 days. 3" 4 lobed fruit. sweet with burst of spice. 
frontera  3" 80 days, 3” orange fruit, low heat fruity, sweet Chili 1500shu
mosquetro pablano 3" 65 days. called ancho when dried. 
garden salsa 6pk 73 days- mildly hot great for salsas 3500 shu 
negro de valle 3" 85 days 6” chocolate chili, great flavor 4500 shu
peachadew  3" 85 days 1” fruity peach flavor with a kick of spice 5000 shu
Hot & Happy Mix 4pk, mix of hot pepeprs all colors varying heat
jalapeño 4pk, 3" 75 Days- 3- ½” by 1- ½”. 6000 shu zesty flavor 
aji fantasy3" 85 days, 2” yellow, citrusy & fruity. 8,000 shu
hot banana 4pk, 3" 67 Days- 6” to 8” long. Light Yellow 8000 shu 
serrano 3" 62 Days. Dark Green. Hot but not excessively hot
cayenne long slim 3" 73 days good for drying 
lemon spice jalapeno 65 days, yellow jalapeno, fruity, 25,000 shu
yellow jalapeno 65 days, yellow jalapeno flavor 30,000 shu
aji amarrillo 3" 120 days, "5" orange chili fruity flavor 40,000shu
pumpkin spice jalapeno 65 days, orange jalapeno prolific 80,000 shu
Sugar Rush Peach 3", 90 days 1" fruit, peach fruity 100,000shu
habenero 3" 95 days 225,000 shu very spicy smokey flavor x
scotch bonnet 3" 95 days 225,000 shu extremely hot, fruity flavor
Demon gold Drop 3" 90 days, tiny pea sized gold prolific 500,000shu

Tomato 4" $4.99, Tomato 6pk $7.99, Tomato Gallon $7.99 Tomato Tub $16.99
Super Fantastic 4" & 6pk Gallon & Tub: 65 Days- great disease resistance. Heavy yields of smooth, meaty, solid fruits weigh about 10 oz each. 

Jettsetter Hybrid 4", Gallon & Tub : 64 Days- Great tomato flavor, large 8 oz. fruits are smooth, juicy, flattened-globe shaped with huge yields and remarkable disease resistance. Indeterminate. 

Ultimate Opener 4", Gallon & Tub  : 57 Days- Like early girl but better disease resistance and slightly larger. Slicer. 

legend 4" 68 days- resistant to late blight 4-5" slicer heirloom 

Early Rouge 65 days- semi determinate bush, great producer, meaty, 4" heirloom

Bush early girl 4" 57 days- 6 to 8 oz fruit. slicer meaty, sweet.

Sun Sugar Hybrid 4" & 6pk, gallon & Tub: 62 Days- Sweeter than Sungold, even better crack resistance. Tall growing plants set loads of half-ounce golden fruits filled with sweetness and Vitamin A-four times the amount in the usual red tomato. Indeterminate.

Supersweet 100 4" & 6pk Gallon & Tub: 65 Days- Staked plants produce long strands of 100 or more, super-sweet flavored cherry tomatoes, 1” in diameter. Extra-high in Vitamin C and great for salads. Plants will bear throughout the season and require staking or caging. Indeterminate. 

Grapette 4": 75 days. Thin skinned and juicy oblong fruit. Has clusters of 16-20 fruits. 

Tomato sweet n neat Tub- 60 days- compact plant producing sweet 1" cherry tomatoes. Great for containers

large red cherry 4" 72 Days- high yielding clusters of 1 1/4" diameter. 

tumbling tom 4" & Hanging Basket $23.99 65 Days great for hanging baskets. 1" fruit great producer

Little bing cherry 4" 65 days- compact plant 1" fruit, disease resistant, high yeild. great flavor.

Celebrity 4" & 6pk, Gallon & Tub: 70 Days- Semi-spreading plants that can be mulched and unsupported, but which perform best when grown on stakes. 7 0z. fruit.

Big Beef 4" & 6pk Gallon & Tub: 73 days- Colossal fruit size, exceptional yield, consistent uniformity and excellent disease resistance. Fruits are globe shaped smooth and weigh 9 to 16 oz. 

Golden Jubilee 4": 72 days. Golden orange fruits, medium sized, low acid with a mild flavor. heirloom

Box Car Willie 4" & Tub: 80 days. Average fruit size 10-15oz. Crack Free & Disease Resistant. Heirloom

Black crimson 4" 75 days Purple black beefsteak heirloom variety

rainbow beefsteak 4"  75 -110 days. mix of pink, red, yellow, green black and orange. 12 oz to 3 lb

lemon boy 4" 72 days. 8 oz bright lemon yellow. high yielding. mild flavor

brandywine 4" 80 days. Heirloom beefsteak variety 1 1/2 lb. great flavor

heirloom genuine 4", Gallon & Tub 70 days. Cross between Costoluto Genovese & Brandywine. great flavor with higher yield. 

bush goliath Gallon & Tub 68 days. Patio tomato with 4" fruits packed with flavor.

Heirloom Rainbow mix 4" : 70-90 days Mix of Bonny best (red) Brandywine Pink, Golden Sunburst (yellow), Black Krim (purple) Evergreen and Djena (orange).

Tomato Big League 4" &6pk, 60 days, bush beefsteak vareity, determinate, 14 ounce fruit. need support for the abundance of fruit that is grown on them.  

Sausage 4" : 7 0 days- Unusually shaped tomatoes, up to 6” long, like huge red banana peppers. A Very prolific paste tomato. Fine-flavored meat excellent for catsup or sauces. Indeterminate. 

Yellow/Red Pear 4": 75 Days- This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant which bear enormous numbers of bright yellow or Red bite-sized fruit. The flavor is delicious and tangy. Heirloom.

San Marzano 4" : 78 days Great paste tomato. Great for sauce & catsup. heirloom 

Costoluto Fiorentino 4": 85 days. Produces good yields of 8 oz fruit. High flavor of sugar and acid. Great for Sauce. heirloom

la roma 4"  76 days 8oz fruit great disease resistance. roma type 

akers plum 4" 85 days 3" heirloom plum variety. great for juicing, cooking, salads. heirloom

principe borghese 4" 75 days Italian heirloom grape variety. few seeds great for sauces. heirloom

Get Stuffed 4", 75 days stuffing tomato with a hollow inside with golden streaked skin. 6 ounces.  Indeterminate. 

Asparagus Premium Millenium 
Asparagus Jersey Knight
broccolii castle dome 
broccollii green magic 
broccollii premier 
brussell sprout jade cross 
cabbage baby choy 
cabbage chinese tendergold 
cabbage golden acre 
cabbage hercules 
cabbage late flat 
cabbage one kilo slow boly 
cabbage red acres
cabbage red express 
cabbage stone head 
cauliflower chefs choice
cauliflower snowball
cucumber muncher
cucumber bush pickle
cucumber diva 
cucumber english 
cucumber homade pickle 
cucumber market more 
cucumber parisian gherkin
cucumber patio snacker move up 
cucumber poinsett
cucumber spacemaster bush
cucumber straight 8 
cucumber up tanja 
Cucumber, Pic A Bushel 
fennel antares
fennel florence
gourd asst
ground cherries 
kale black tuscany
kale dwarf blue
kale red winter
leek american flag 
lettuce mix
melon ha ogen
melon minnesota midget
melon oka
melon papaya dew
melon sweet granite
okra clemson spineless 
okra green fingers 
onion ailsa craig 
onion bunching italian red 
onion bunching warrior 
onion candy 
onion cipollini boretana 
onion wala wala 
onion white lisbon 
parsley curled
Parsley, Dark Green Italian 
pumpkin casperita
pumpkin cinderella
pumpkin giant
pumpkin howden
pumpkin jack be little
pumpkin jack o lantern
pumpkin little october
pumpkin lumina
pumpkin mix
pumpkin orange smoothie pie pumpkin
pumpkin small blend
Rhubarb CanadaRed
rhubarb glaskins 
rhubarb victoria 
shallots red
spinach hybrid space
spinach longstanding
squash acorn blend
squash acorn sweet reba
squash buttercup bon bon
squash butternut honeynut
squash butternut italian
squash butternut watham
squash honey bear acorn
squash honey boat winter
squash hopi gray
squash mix
squash scallop blend
squash spaghetti 
squash summer easy pick gold zucchini
squash summer gold rush zucchini
squash sunshine winter
squash sweet dumpling
squash zucchini ambassador
squash zucchini black beauty
squash zucchini genovese
squash zucchini striato d italia
watermelon sugar baby
watermelon sweet dakota rose
watermelon crimson sweet
watermelon shiny boy

Blueberry Northland 1 gal & #3 (2 year old)
Blueberry 3 in 1 (Chippewa, polaris, Northland) #5
Blueberry Northblue #3
Blueberry Northsky 1 gal 
Blueberry Patriot #3
Blueberry Northcountry 
Blueberry Chippewa #3
Raspberry Red Caroline  #3
Raspberry Latham Red 1 gal
Raspberry New Logan 1 gal 
Grape Concord 2 gal 
Grape Blue king of the north 2 gal 
Grape white wine La Crescent 2 gal 
Grape Seedless White Marquis 2 gal 
Grape catawaba 2 gal
Grape blue/black  
Elderberry York & Adams 3 gal 
Strawberry Allstar 4" 
Strawberry Eversweet 6pk or 9pk  
Strawberry Hanging basket (Elan,Gasana, Ruby Ann, Toscana

Honeyberry  Aurora #2 
Honeyberry Borealis #2
Chokeberry Viking #3 
Chokeberry Iroquois Beauty #3 

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