Trees & Shrubs
Acer ginnala  Compact Amur Maple
american cranberry bush
aronia ground hug
Barberry mini saffron 
Barberry mini maroon
Barberry lambrusco
barberry cabernet
barberry limoncello
coral berry proud berry
exochorda lotus moon
Engelmann Ivy Virginia Creeper
Forsythia Northern Gold
honeysuckle dropmore scarlet
honeysuckle dwarf bush
hydragea fire and ice
Hydrangea Annabelle 
Hydrangea Berry white
Hydrangea Little hottie
Hydrangea Bobo 
hydrangea fire light
Hydrangea Incrediball 
hydrangea invincibelle limetta
hydrangea invincibelle wee white
Hydrangea Limelight
hydrangea limelight prime
Hydrangea Little Lime
Hydrangea Little quick fire
Hydrangea pinky winky
hydrangea quick fire fab
Hydrangea Quick Fire 
Hydrangea Strawberry Sundae® 
hydrangea tickled pink
hydreangea zinfin doll 
lilac Pres Grevy Lilac-lilac blue 
lilac Bloomerang® Dark Purple 
lilac Miss Kim Lilac-lilac
lilac scent and sensibility pink
lilac scentara double blue
Ninebark Fireside 
ninebark ginger wine
Ninebark Little Devil
ninebark summer wine black
Ninebark Summer Wine 
ninebark tiny wine
Potentilla Mandarine tango
Potentilla Lemon Meringue
Potentilla First ed Crème Brûlée™
Potentilla Mango Tango 
Potentilla Marmalade
Potentilla Pink Beauty 
Rosa Blanc Double de Coubert-white
Rosa Easy Elegance® Funny Face™ 
Rosa Hansa-medium red
Rose Kashmir dark red
Rose Little mischief
Rose Music box yellow blend
Rose Above & Beyond
rose hot paprika
rose Hope for humanity dark red
Rose lotty's love mauve
Rose Morden centennial med pink
Rose nearly wild med pink
Rose ramblin red med red climber
Rose winnipeg parks deep pink
russian cypress celtic pride 
Spiraea Superstar™  
Spiraea Double Play Doozie® 
Spiraea First Editions® Spot On™ 
Spiraea Goldflame-red
Spirea magic carpet
Spirea pink sparkler
Spirea Little spark
Viburnum Blue Muffin
Viburnum  snowball
Winterberry little goblin

birch paper #10
crabapple gladiator 6'
Crabapple Pink Spires -pink
crabapple Prairifire -red 6'
Crabapple Radiant -pink 6'
Crabapple Red Splendor -pink 6'
Crabapple Royalty -red
crabapple thunderchild 6'
Red Oak #7
Lilac tree Ivory Silk #10
Maple Red #10
Maple Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple #10
Maple Northwoods Maple #10
Maple Red Sunset #10
Maple Sienna Glen® Maple #10
Mountain Ash Cardinal Royal #10

Apple Trees
State Fair 7 Gal dwarf
Haralred 7 Gal std
Goodland 7 Gal std
Red Duchess 7 Gal std
Harlson 7 Gal Not available
Zestar 7 Gal dwarf
Wodarz 1"std
Gravenstein dwarf
Chestnut Crabapple 7 Gal std
Whitney Crabapple 7 Gal std

Plum Trees
Pembina 7 Gal std
Toka 7 Gal std

Other Fruit Trees 
Evans Bali Cherry std
Cherry Plum compass std
cherry plum sapalta std

Juniperus chin Maney 
Juniperus chin Sea Green 
Juniperus hor Blue Chip
Juniperus hor Wilton Blue Rug
Juniperus scop Sky high
Juniperus x Star Power™
Arborvitae North Pole® 
Pine Birdsnest
Spruce Dwf Norway 
Spruce Black Hills #5
Pine Mugo 
Varieties could change call for current availability